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I am a laser physicist at the Dynamic Compression Sector of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory where I use a 100 J UV laser to generate shockwaves in materials in order to study their properties under extreme conditions. Born in North Carolina, I attended the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where I received a B.S. in chemistry with a minor in computer science. I then moved to the University of Colorado Boulder where I earned my Ph.D. studying ultrafast carrier relaxation in semiconductor quantum dots and developing theory for modeling two-dimensional Fourier-transform spectra with Prof. David Jonas. Following graduate school, I relocated to Chicago where I worked with Prof. Elad Harel at Northwestern University to develop multidimensional spectroscopy methods and apply them to nanomaterials and light harvesting protein complexes. Also at Northwestern University, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Lin Chen where I studied the electronic and vibrational dynamics of coupled chemical systems. A central theme of my research has been to use lasers and optics to study the dynamics of complex materials under extreme conditions and timescales.

Research Projects


Compressive Sensing

Collect information, not data.

4D Raman–electronic spectroscopy

Gradient-assisted multidimensional electronic–Raman spectroscopy (GAMERS)

Carrier dynamics in quantum dots

Carrier dynamics and interactions in semiconductor quantum dots

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Phonon-induced plasmon-exciton coupling changes probed via oscillation-associated spectra

Coherent vibrations detected in optical experiments can offer insights into material properties and electronic interactions, but also …

Beyond the Gouy–Chapman Model with Heterodyne-Detected Second Harmonic Generation

We report ionic strength-dependent phase shifts in second harmonic generation (SHG) signals from charged interfaces that verify a …

Carrier Dynamics and Interactions for Bulk-Like Photoexcitation of Colloidal Indium Arsenide Quantum Dots

The remarkable photonic and photochemical properties of colloidal quantum dots (QD) depend critically on the dynamics of carrier …

Four-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy of Complex Molecular Systems in Solution

An understanding of microscopic interactions in liquids is of fundamental importance in chemistry. However, the structure and dynamics …

Coherences of Bacteriochlorophyll a Uncovered Using 3D-Electronic Spectroscopy

Mapping the multidimensional energy landscape of photosynthetic systems is crucial for understanding their high efficiencies. …

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Dissecting quantum coherence in photosynthesis: lessons from porphyrin dimers

Modeling nonadiabatic enhancement of photosynthetic energy transfer using porphyrin dimers.

Coherent dynamics in porphyrin dimers

A commonality among many highly efficient light harvesting protein complexes is that they exhibit strong and persistent coherent …

Electronic–vibrational coupling probed by 4D Raman–electronic spectroscopy

Electronic-vibrational coupling is the driving force behind many fundamental photochemical processes, ranging from phonon-assisted …